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Sunward is a rapidly growing company and we are dedicated to producing quality products for the Hobbyist.

These products include:

  • Model Rockets - high quality model rocket kits, parts, and accessories for the Rocketeer. Currently A-G powered with most of the model rocket kits being A-D engine powered. Sunward has a full line of parts for you to build your clone model rocket or to make you own model rocket from your own design. And now model rocket cluster cables ( also called clip whips ) for a professional way to launch your cluster model rockets.
  • Telescope Kit: Made with high precision paper tubing and glass lenses, these Telescope kits are perfect for science fairs and class projects. Assembled with only the basic tools and glue.
  • Crafts, Siege Engine, and Wood Kits: for Medieval Siege, Cube Warfare, or just fun. Holes are predrilled and pieces precut. Many with only one to two hours assembly time ( plus drying time). The Elastic Powered Racer is perfect for classes with quality products. These kits currently include:

Support is readily available! We don't hide here. An address for mail contact is readily available. A phone call is always welcome and no pushing numbers to get to a dead end. Unless we are on the road or in the shop, we always answer phone calls. Messages are returned as soon as possible. We personally answer all emails. We have no automatic responder with useless answers.

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ALL Sunward™ products are custom made by us using materials made in the USA or Canada. THIS MEANS YOU CAN REST ASSURED OUR PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN LEAD OR OTHER DANGEROUS INGREDIENTS AS SOME TOYS CURRENTLY MADE IN CHINA. Final assembly/ packaging is done in Canada. . .

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